Requests for Copies of Reports

If you were involved in an incident or accident and would like a copy of a police report, you must make your request in writing. The following parameters apply:

* The Chesterfield Police Department does not release copies of "Active" Investigations.
* The Chesterfield Police Department only releases reports to Parties which are named in the police report, Parents or Guardians to Juveniles named in the police report, Attorney's and/or Insurance Companies.
* The request must identify who is making the request, a date and time of incident, a report number and/or any other information which would assist us in locating the police report in our database.

There is a fee for copies of police reports. They are as follows:

1-25 Pages
26-50 Pages
51-150 Pages
151-200 Pages

$ Cost of Reproduction

Please make the check out to the "Town of Chesterfield". It is HIGHLY recommended that you contact the Administrator's Office prior to sending a check so that the proper fee can be paid. Incorrect amounts on the check only delays the report being sent to you.

You can contact the Administrator's Office during business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm at (603) 363-4233 ext 60. Please have a photo ID with you at the time of pickup.

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